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Who Can Benefit From UPCC? EVERYONE-infants to seniors, mothers-to-be, athletes and accident victims will benefit from a healthy spine and nervous system. If you have a health problem, Dr. Williams will strive to correct its cause, not just treat the symptom. If you are symptom-free, Upper Cervical Care is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

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Do you or someone that you love suffer from one of the many symptoms below? Did you know that you don't have to rely on common medication in most cases?.


Some patients may say that theres nothing like an adjustment of the atlas. In most cases you will be able to see and feel the results instantly. Results do vary per patient however.


Staying in adjustment is a wonderful thing. You will notice that your overall health is better. Being in adjustment can effect so many things. It may feel like you are new person with a fresh body.


Congratulations and Welcome! Upper cervical care is a rapidly growing form of treatment that focuses on the intimate relationship between the first two bones in the neck called the upper cervical spine. These top two vertebrae are known as the atlas and axis. They are especially vulnerable to injury or misalignment because they are the most movable segments in your spine. The most valuable part of our nervous system, the brainstem, rests gently inside these two bones. The brainstem works by sending signals back and forth between the brain and spinal cord to every cell, organ and system in the body. When these two vertebrae become misaligned it may cause pressure or a pinching on the brainstem. When this happens the brain is unable to communicate with the body.

An upper cervical correction maintains head and neck alignment which in turn allows the brain to communicate efficiently with all parts of the body without interference. This correction is pain free and does not involve any twisting or jerking motion of the neck,

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